Bohre center punches and scribers

Bohre punches

A center punch, also known as a punch, is a device for marking holes before drilling holes. It is usually used when drilling metal or tile, and sometimes concrete. In addition, a center punch can be used for marking, for example, for padding type.

There are several varieties of punches available, including an automatic (also known as a crossbow), which has a spring to strike the striker, eliminating the need for a hammer, and a center punch, which helps to mark the center of the hole, especially when high accuracy is required.

Bohre's automatic center punch allows you to create precise holes in metal without the need for a hammer, making your workflow faster and easier.

The Bohre precision center punch is made in the form of a hardened steel round rod with one end with a hammer head and the other end with a pointed cone shape.

Bohre metal punches

  • KB003601
  • KB003600
  • KB003602
    Item number Product name
    KB003602Center punch for metal Bohre 5х9х109 mm
    KB003600Automatic center punch Bohre 3.9x12.7x130
    KB003601Bohre automatic center punch with anti-vibration knob d28 3.9x12.7x130

    Marking scribers Bohre

    The Bohre Pobedite tip scriber is designed to create crisp lines on a variety of materials. The tip of the scriber is made of solid metal - Pobedite, which ensures its durability and protects against blunting. When pressed lightly, the scriber leaves a clearly visible line on the surface.

    Marking scribers Bohre

    • KB011018
    • KB011017
    • KB011019
      Item number Product name
      KB011019Marking scriber Bohre double-sided with pobedite tips 10x93x135
      KB011017Marking scriber Bohre with pobedite tip 8x120x140
      KB011018Marking scriber Bohre with pobedite tip 9x115x140

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