Threading oil Bohre

Thread-cutting oil Bohre

  • 1 liter

  • 5 liters

  • 10 liters

    Product category according to GOST 28549.7-90 (ISO 6743-7-86): L-MHE

    1 liter

    5 liters

    10 liters

    Characteristics of Bohre threading oil

    Type of oil: mineral.
    Composition: ready-to-use composition of refined mineral and vegetable oils, active additives with improved antifriction and extreme pressure properties.

    Form of release: homogeneous oily brown liquid with a slight, non-irritating odor.

    Flash point: > +200°C

    Density: at 20 °C, not more than 970 kg/m3.

    Kinematic viscosity: at 40 °C 30-60 m2/With.

    Guaranteed shelf life: 12 months from the date of manufacture.

    Storage conditions: transport containers are stored in covered dry warehouses at a temperature of -20 to +40 °C, at a distance of at least 2 meters from heating devices and sources of fire, in conditions that exclude the effects of water and aggressive media, as well as direct exposure to sunlight.

    Mineral threading oil Bohre

    Item number Volume (liters)
    KB003763 1
    KB003765 5
    KB003764 10

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